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Library Issues highlights key issues in academic librarianship. Its intended audience is faculty and academic administrators and librarians who work with them. LI's short articles present the various facets of controversial topics, not campus-specific solutions. LI strives to clarify not persuade, to present facts not opinions, to facilitate communication not advocate positions.

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   The Last Issue


September-November 2016


The Last Issue: Retirement
by Richard M Dougherty

   Volume 36


July 2016


Leveraging Cultural Collections
by Irene M.H. Herold

May 2016


Wikipedia: From Academic Pariah
to Campus Learning Partner
By Steven Bell

March 2016


Threshold Concepts and the New Framework
for Information Literacy
by Barbara Fister

January 2016


Can Academic Libraries Get Rid of Their Books?
by William Miller

November 2015


Human Capital for your Library
by Irene M.H. Herold

September 2015


It’s All About the Experience:
UX for Academic Libraries
by Steven Bell

   Volume 35


July 2015


New Roles for Academic Libraries
by William Miller

May 2015


Start a Textbook Revolution, Continued:
Librarians Lead the Way with Open Educational Resources
by Steven Bell

March 2015


Big Data or Big Brother?
Data, Ethics, and Academic Libraries
by Barbara Fister

January 2015


Open vs. Closed: Achieving the Optimal
Library Office Ecosystem
by Steven Bell

November 2014


How to Develop Leadership Skills:
Selecting the Right Program for You
by Irene M.H. Herold

September 2014


Changes Coming to Collection of Federal Library Data
by William Miller

   Volume 34


July 2014


Capacity Building:
Academic Libraries as Campus Partners
by Irene Herold

May 2014


The Great Age of Experimentation:
What's Good for Higher Ed is Good for Academic Libraries
by Steven Bell

March 2014


Librarians as Guides to a
Changing Publishing Landscape
by Barbara Fister

January 2014


Bigger than the Both of Us:
Considerations before Partnering and Merging
by Susan Stroyan Anderson

November 2013


Libraries and Student Success
by William Miller

September 2013


Open to the Public:
Risks and Rewards of Serving the Local Community
by Steven Bell

   Volume 33


July 2013


The Mindful Library Leader
by Irene M. H. Herold

May 2013


Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs)
and Your Library
by William Miller

March 2013


The Library's Role in Learning:
Information Literacy Revisited
by Barbara Fister

January 2013


Let's Take Back Scholarly Journal Publishing
and End the Wasted Spending
by William Miller

November 2012


Re-purposing Library Spaces to Make an Impact
by Tod Colegrove

September 2012


Creating a More Secure Academic Library:
Even the Heart of the Campus Needs Protection
by Steven Bell

   Volume 32


July 2012


Distance Learners and the Library in 2012
by Mignon Adams

May 2012


Open Access and the Future of Academic Scholarship
by Babara Fister

March 2012


Web-scale Discovery Services: The Next Step in the Evolution
of Improving Access to Library Collections
by William Miller

January 2012


HathiTrust: The Elephant in the Library
by Jeremy York

November 2011


Bridging the Information Literacy Communications Gap: Putting PIL Studies to Good Use
by Steven Bell

September 2011


The Environmental Sustainability of Academic Libraries
by Larry Hardesty

   Volume 31


July 2011


Shaping a National Collective Collection:
will your campus participate?
by Sam Demas and Wendy Lougee

May 2011


Patron-driven Acquisitions (PDA):
The New Wave in Book Acquisitions is Coming
by William Miller

March 2011

Bringing Back the Faculty:
The Evolution of the Faculty Commons in the Library
by Steven J. Bell

January 2011

Social Networking:
Strategic Use and Effective Policies in Higher Education
by Linda Marie Golian-Lui

November 2010

The Role of Campus Administrators as
Libraries Face the Latest Economic Downturn
by William Miller

September 2010

Textbook Turmoil:
The Library’s Role in the Textbook Revolution
by Steven J. Bell

   Volume 30


July 2010

College Library, University Library:
What's the Difference?
by John Mark Tucker

May 2010

What Has Happened to Browsing Collections
in Academic Libraries?
by Tom Kirk

March 2010

Mission Creep or Strategic Evolution?
The Changing Role of Libraries on Academic Campuses
by William Miller and responses from others

January 2010

What Good Are All These Links?
Rethinking the Academic Library Website
by Steven J. Bell

November 2009

The Glorious Study Hall:
How Libraries Nurture a Life of the Mind
by Barbara Fister

September 2009

Libraries and e-Books: Perception and Reality
by William Miller

   Volume 29


July 2009

Library Buildings 101: Tips for Successful Design
by Kathleen F. Miller

May 2009

Online or Out the Door: Continuous Learning
for Academic Librarians in Economic Downturns
by Steven J. Bell

March 2009

Fostering Information Literacy Through Faculty Development
by Barbara Fister

January 2009

Not Your Father's Electronic Reserve:
Online Media Deliver for Courses
by Claire Stewart

November 2008

Opening Channels of Communication
by Richard M. Dougherty

September 2008

Keeping Them Enrolled:
How Academic Libraries Contribute to Student Retention
by Steven J. Bell

   Volume 28


July 2008

Online Course Content Delivery:
Opportunity for Expertise from and Partnership with the Library
by Beth E. Clausen

May 2008

The Merged Organization: Confronting the Service Overlap between Libraries and Computer Centers
by Tom Kirk

March 2008

Stop Having Fun and Start Being Quiet:
Noise Management in the Academic Library
by Steven J. Bell

January 2008

Natural Disasters in the Academic Library
by William Miller

November 2007

Building Better Academic Libraries with Web 2.0 Technology Tools
by Steven J. Bell

September 2007

Off to a Good Start: Foundations for strong CAO—Library Director Relationships
by Larry Hardesty, Tom Kirk and Mignon Adams

Hiring a Library Director by Tom Kirk

   Volume 27


July 2007

Who Needs a Reference Desk?

by Steven J. Bell

May 2007

An Emerging Model for the Undergraduate Library

by John Mark Tucker

March 2007

Excellence in Academic Libraries: Recognizing It

by Larry Hardesty

January 2007

Wikipedia and the Challenge of Read/Write Culture

by Barbara Fister

November 2006

Distant Learners and the Library
by Mignon Adams

with How Online Libraries Can Succeed
by Jinnie Y. Davis

September 2006

What’s Your Library Brand?
Using OCLC’s Perceptions Report to Increase Student Awareness of Library Services and Resources with Reactions to the OCLC Perceptions Report by the Library Issues board

by Steven J. Bell

   Volume 26


July 2006

How Much Does Biology Really Need, Anyway?:
Determining Library Budget Allocations

by Rebecca Donlan

May 2006

Enhancing Students’ Academic Honesty and Respect for Research

by William Miller

March 2006

Repurposing Older Libraries for New Times:
Creating New Learning Space

by Edward D. Garten & Delmus E. Williams

January 2006

The Library Blog: Innovative Idea or Wasted Words
by Steven Bell

November 2005

Cornucopia of Library Technology: What to Choose and Use
by Steven Bell

September 2005

Meeting the Accountability Challenge
by Kathleen Hoeth

   Volume 25


July 2005

What Do Librarians Do?
by Mignon Adams with Steven Bell and Barbara Fister

May 2005

A New Strategy for Enhancing Library Use: Faculty-Led Information Literacy Instruction
by William Miller and Steven Bell

March 2005

Google's Digitization Project — What Difference Will it Make?
by Barbara Fister

January 2005

The System of Scholarly Communication: Shaping the Future
by Ray English

November 2004


Linking the Library to Courseware:

A Strategic Alliance to Improve Learning Outcomes

by Steven J. Bell and John D. Shank

September 2004

Common Ground: Libraries and Learning

by Barbara Fister

   Volume 24


July 2004


Changing Role of the Library Director in Fund-raising
by William Miller

May 2004


The Reform Movement for the First Year Experience: What is the Role of librarians?
by John N. Gardner and Larry Hardesty

March 2004


Budget Care for the Heart of the University: Diet or Surgery?
by Sarah M. Pritchard

January 2004


The USA PATRIOT Act: How Will Your Library Respond?
by Kathleen Hoeth

November 2003


Joint-Use Libraries: Sharing Facilities for Greater Efficiency
by William Miller

September 2003


Recruiting and Retaining Academic Librarians: A Calm Before the Storm?
by Larry Hardesty

   Volume 23


July 2003

Can Electronic Scholarship Survive?
by Deanna Marcum and Gerald George

May 2003

TEACH (Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization Act): Its Value is Up to You
by Carrie Russell

March 2003

Meaningful Measures for Libraries
by Carla Stoffle and Shelley Phipps

January 2003

What Do They Know? Assessing the Library’s Contribution to Student Learning
by Barbara Fister

November 2002

Changes in Scholarly Communication: University Presses, Libraries and the Campus
by Maureen Pastine and Charles Ault

September 2002

What Constitutes Quality Academic Library Space?
by William Miller
(additional information added 11/02 online only)

   Volume 22


July 2002

Plagiarism: Finding It and Stopping It
by Mignon Adams

May 2002

The Clash with Copyright: What Higher Education Stands to Lose
by Carrie Russell

March 2002

Consumerism and the Web: Helping Students Consume Information
by D. Scott Brandt

January 2002

The Library as a Place: Tradition and Evolution
by William Miller

November 2001

Campus Libraries: Time to Market an Undervalued Asset?
by Richard M. Dougherty and Mignon Adams

September 2001

Staffing Issues for Academic Libraries
by Ivy Bayard, Carol Lang, and Maureen Pastine

   Volume 21


July 2001

Information Literacy: New Buzzword or New Library Service?
by Thomas Kirk, Jr.

May 2001

Questia, XanEdu and Friends:What Campuses and Libraries Can Learn from Them
by Mignon Adams

March 2001

Academic Libraries and Regional Accreditation
by Larry Hardesty

January 2001

Wanted: Library Leaders for a Discontinuous Future
by Terry Metz

 November 2000

What's Happening to the Book — and Why You Should Care
by Jeanette McVeigh

September 2000

Looking for Director Goodboss: How to Recruit a Head Librarian
by Sarah M. Pritchard and Steve Marquardt

   Volume 20


July 2000

Are We Ready for the Virtual Library?
by Mignon Adams

May 2000

Information Access for Users With Disabilities
by William Miller and Edward Erazo

March 2000

Unrealistic Expectations of Digitizing Libraries
by Maureen Pastine, Jean Dorrian and Ann Dougherty

January 2000

The Virtual University: Lessons for the Mainstream
by Edward D. Garten

Counterpoint: Virtual Pottage
by Fred Jenkins


Library Support for Distance Education
by Nancy Baker and Steve Marquardt


The Need for New Space and Storage Facilities
by Maureen Pastine, Jean Dorrian and Ann Dougherty

   Volume 19


July 1999

License at Your Own Risk
by Jeanette McVeigh

May 1999

Preserving Rights in the Information Age
by Mignon Adams

Privacy in the Information Age: Implications for Libraries
by William Miller

March 1999

Serials Wars: The Academy Strikes Back
by Steve Marquardt

January 1999

Full-Text Databases Ahead—Proceed With Caution
by Rebecca L. Johnson and E. Ann Ford

November 1998


Weeding the Collection—Painful But Necessary
by Evan Farber
Academic Libraries and Information Technology
by William Miller

September 1998

Balancing the Trade-Offs: Pros and Cons of Library Technology
by Barbara Fister

   Volume 18


July 1998

An Open Letter to Provosts on Libraries and Technology
by Ron Force

May 1998

The Challenge of Technology support in Libraries: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
by Mark Cain

March 1998

Multimedia and Fair Use: The Practical Side of a Philosophical Debate
by Paul A. Soderdahl and Carol Ann Hughes

January 1998


Library Director/Provost Relationships and Faculty Attitudes
toward Changes in Libraries
Introduction and Overview by Richard M. Dougherty, Addressing the Specifics by Herb White

November 1997


Library Alliances: Different Forms, Similar Benefits
by Steve Marquardt
Computer Equipment Costs in Academic Libraries
by William Miller

September 1997

Library and Computer Center Relations at Smaller Academic Institutions
by Larry Hardesty

   Volume 17


July 1997

Scientific Journal Online: Five Emerging Models
by Mignon Adams

May 1997

Free Books: Are They Worth What They Cost?
by Dennis W. Dickson

March 1997


Government Documents and Libraries: The Impact of the Digital Revolution
by William Miller and Margaret S. Walker
JSTOR: The Vanguard of the Retrospective Digital Library
by Richard DeGennaro

February 1997

Article Update - Fundraising for Libraries: Four Important Elements
by Joan Hood

January 1997

Library Collections and the Undergraduate Curriculum: So Near and Yet So Far?
by Sarah Pritchard

December 1996

Article Update - Academic Libraries on the Cusp
by Dennis Dickinson

November 1996


Coursepacks and Fair Use
by Carol Ann Hughes
Copyright, Licensing, and a Rule of Reason
by Carol Ann Hughes

September 1996

Transforming Library Staff Roles
by Mark Sandler

   Volume 16


July 1996

The “Productivity Paradox” in the Academic Library
by Steve Marquardt

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